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Illinois Teaching is dedicated to providing you with the information you need as either a current or future educator. The programs on Illinois Teacher are all accredited programs that could be the next step in fulfilling your goals as an educator in the state of Illinois.

As you know, proper training is an integral part of the teacher certification process; therefore, we offer our services to assist you in discovering the best online degree program for you. Check out our list of specializations in education and see what fits your career goals. After all, the first step in advancing your career is choosing a teaching degree appropriate to your interests and aptitudes.

Specializations in Education

As a K-12 Teacher, there are several areas and levels of teaching, you will want to consider which fits your lifestyle most accurately. You can search our programs for the following specializations:

Already a Certified Teacher or Currently Working in Education?

Get your master's degree online and be a part of those who received a bump in their pay because of their advanced degree. Illinois is one of 16 states in requiring employers to pay teachers more if they hold a masters or doctoral degree. Teachers are not generally required to have a Master's in Education to teach in U.S. public schools, but educators and schools across the country recognize the value of an advanced degree.

Unsure of an online higher-degree in education? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • ease of access
  • start and end dates
  • ability to communicate one-on-one with instructors and classmates
  • tune-in to lectures and discussions anywhere, anytime
  • and most of all,
  • complete coursework on YOUR time.

Illinois Teaching will help you excel in your classroom.

We can help you achieve your goals of developing yourself as a professional in the field. We provide information on only the best in online education degrees, and making sure that you are on your way to receiving an accredited, quality education.

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